As I was sitting here looking over my goals for the quarter and trying to decide what can and should be accomplished this week an old saying came to my mind.”You have time for what is important to you.” This really hit home as I thought about this saying while watching my 6 month old son jump in his little “exersaucer”.

I am unsure of how many hours in a week I will dedicate to Thatcher. I believe it is safe to say I spend several hours a week taking care of him, playing with him, or something directly related to him being in my life. If you were to ask me before June 23rd if I had several hours a week that I could give to something I would probably tell you that I did not have time for it. I would not just say that for an excuse I would have truly mean it.

When Thatcher arrived I magically found several hours a week for him. Even though I still only have 168 hours in a week I found some hours that I could reassign to “Thatcher Time”. I stopped doing somethings that weren’t really important. I gave up a few hours of sleep time (all parents should be able to relate with that). I learned how to multi-task, such as write blog and feed Thatcher a bottle. 

So next time I tell someone “I do not have time” I should be more honest with them. I should really say “what you are asking me to do is not important enough for me to reassign any of the 168 hours I have in a week”. One is more tactful and the other is more honest.