You must work at having a passion for the world

i. How you think in your heart will determine the passion you have. Proverbs 23:7. You can control your thoughts Philippians 4:8

ii. Get out where you can see the people and their needs. Get to the world. Matthew 14:14

iii. Fall in love with God.

1. then you will love what He loves Psalms 37:4

2. You will feel what He feels.

iv. Obey God

1. Read your Bible Luke 16

2. Read biographies

3. Stand between the living and the dead

v. Give to God Matthew 6:21

vi. Make a conscious effort to have a passion. Work at it.

1. Get you a world map

2. Study the data

3. Go to the cemetery

4. Look at the lights of your city

5. Pray over your city and every city you visit.

6. Meditate: put yourself in their place. Romans 10:1-3, 9:1-3

vii. Pray Matthew 9:37

viii. Think about the judgment

1. Great White Throne

2. Hell

3. Judgment Seat of Christ

4. Well done Matthew 25:21

5. Crowns Revelation 4:10