Travis and Teri Snode have three wonderful children. They are from left to right, Darci, Cali, and Grant. They have been the most wonderful hosts for this past week. We have really enjoyed our time with them. Teri has worked like crazy trying to meet our every need.

Plus teach a lady’s meeting, be in church every night of the week, and also 4 churches on Sunday. She does all this while she cares for 3 small children. A princess of a lady and a blessing for us this week

Travis is a diligent, dedicated, hard working missionary. I am grateful for the time that I have been privileged to be with him this week.

I want to ask you to pray that the North West Baptist Church can find a cheaper place to rent. I want to ask you to pray for the out reach of both churches. Pray for their support so that they will be able to continue the work without so much financial strain.

Pray that God will convict lost people to be saved and saved people will be convinced to serve God as they try to reach out and evangelize the world.

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