All I can say is that I am super blessed. Both Betty and I are so very proud of our children. God is working in and through them. As I listened to David love God and sing with such power and emotion today I was moved very deeply as I worshipped God. Then I hear the stories and meet the many people that David is leading to Christ and I am so proud.

Then to watch Chris have taken over the ministry here in Peru is wonderful but it goes far beyond that. The Omega Baptist Church is a wonderful place. God has His hand on the church and the work there in a very unique way. All 8 of us that are here visiting from Vision were blessed today. Lives are being changed. The church is made up of mostly brand new Christians. They are being lovingly and gently led along with Chris as their pastor.

I told Joe Gibby tonight that I couldn’t explain to him what it made me feel like to watch my sons leading a ministry like they are. I am and have been overly and super blessed.

It was beautiful to MaryAngela sing this morning with the Omega group. She was such a vital part of our music program and already she is getting a chance to be part of the music here.

David and Stephanie Velke are learning and adapting quickly. They have started out very young but I believe are laying a foundation that will take them a long ways in the service of the Lord Jesus.

Jeremy and Bekah Hall are doing great. They speak the language, they love the people, they are winning souls and discipling people. It is such a thrill to stand with Jeremy at the back of the church and listen to stories of God’s working in the lives of the people.

Chris and Sherry Waye are here studying as well. There hearts are so big for the Lord and His work. It is a thrill to see and hear them and they way they interact with the Peruvian people.

I couldn’t leave this blog without saying that our daughter Joy is doing such a good job also. She is inviting people, serving, and working. It thrills my heart just to watch her.

Then of course the grandkids. Jacob and Benjamin had a soccer game this afternoon. Jacob is the goalie and blocked a shot today. Benjamin made two goals. I loved soccer more today than ever in my life.

Then my two granddaughters, what a blessing they are. So sweet and cute they light up every room they are in.

And then to hear that Chris and Andria are expecting another baby just tops it all off. By the end of the year, Lord willing, Betty and I will have 15 grandchildren.

I know this is a run on blog post but I have to say that no pastor could ever be prouder of the people God has given him. I love Trent Cornwell, he is a super blessing to me and our church. I am so glad he got to be here this week. I love John and Sandy Pearson, they are like the rock of Gibraltar. They are so faithful and carry such a load. Then Wade and Kathy Williams are two of the sweetest most wonderful people in the world. They have blessed everyone they have met here.

It has been super great getting to spend time also with Joe Gibby. He loves God. He is so excited about seeing what God is doing here.

I am so blessed as a pastor. I am blessed by the people from our church and what they are doing here in Arequipa. I wanted our Vision people to know all of them better. I have been so excited to “show off” our wonderful members that made this trip.

What can I say, I am blessed. I thank God and you for the privilege I have of serving at Vision. It is far above and beyond what I deserve.

God blessed back on the home front with over 150 in attendance today while 8 of us were traveling-wow.

God is good.

More later and I know I ran on too much for most of you but if one of you read to here then I am grateful to you.