The following quotes are from a book by Warren Wiersbe, On Being a Servant of God. They are some of the bravest, bluntest statements I have ever read. Read and enjoy or endure!

Because it has power and can slowly seduce us into treating it like a god. Instead of loving  God with all the heart, soul, and mind, we try to love God and  money; and before long, God loses out. The desire for money possesses the heart; thoughts of ways to get money control the  mind; and before long, the will is captured, and money starts  to rule the will. No wonder Paul equated “covetousness” with  “idolatry” (Col. 3:5).

Money is a very satisfying substitute for God. After all, money  is more tangible, and less faith is required to trust it.

Money is the god of modern civilization, and its worship has invaded the church. It makes no difference what kind of character people have, if they are “successful”-translate that “rich and famous”-they are admired and imitated, even by Christians, who ought to know better. These celebrities show up in pulpits and are interviewed on religious radio and television. The “health and wealth” preachers have convinced millions of people that poverty is the penalty for unbelief and that the unpardonable sin is driving a used car when God can give you a stretch limousine.

Money is the “god of this world:’ and it empowers millions of people to enjoy life by living on substitutes. With money, they can buy entertainment, but they can’t buy joy. They can go to the drugstore and buy sleep, but they can’t buy peace. Their money will attract lots of acquaintances but very few real friends. Wealth gains them admiration and envy but not love. It buys the best in medical services, but it can’t buy health.