I fear that the majority of our Bible believing churches are more focused on growth, taking care of our people, or even survival than trying to reach the world with the gospel. We feel like we do not have enough time to focus on a part of the world that we haven’t even seen. If God wants that part of the world reached then He will call someone and He hasn’t called me.

If we do think about world evangelism we might consider the task to big, even impossible. If that is the case then we just decide that all we can do is what we can do where we are. We aren’t trying to not fulfill the Great Commission instead we figure all we can do is try what we can where we are.

It would appear that the task is bigger than us. It is bigger than our local church. We will give a little and pray a little. We wish we could do more but how!

We would like to do more to reach the world but there is only so much of me. I can’t be stretched much thinner. I can’t do everything so I will just do what I can here. I will raise a little money for missions, not a major part of our budget! I will pray for missionaries. I will mention the need to be a missionary across the street and even across the world but I might not see it as important as I should because I simply can’t do everything.

All we know to do is be faithful. We will simply try to do what we can and be faithful at it. God just wants us to be faithful. We figure faithful means raising a good family, going to church, tithing, and staying out of sin!

Slowly all of this has pushed us until we lose our vision for reaching the world. So we no longer keep world evangelism in front of our church. We are not trying to avoid the Great Commission. We are simply overwhelmed!