Could it be that as men of God we have lost our vision for the world. It was not on purpose! Many have become so busy doing the work that they have lost the big picture. It is as though all were working on building a large building, bridge or railway. It is easy to become a bricklayer rather someone building a cathedral. It is easy to be the guy placing the crossties and not the guy building a railroad. We can’t see the forest for the trees! God wants us involved in World Evangelism but maybe we are too busy taking care of a few people to see the big picture.

We have fallen into the traps that so easily detour us from our real ministry. It is easier to do the work than it is to teach someone else how to do the work. It takes less time and gets done right when the man himself does the job. Due to this we do not take the time and effort to train others.

Our insecurities that others may steal our place and the love our people have for us. Or another insecurity might be that we aren’t sure that we can teach someone else what to do. We fear that our training has not been sufficient to train others.

We do not believe that we can impact the world so we plan to do all we can to reach our area or our people.

As long as we stay clean and stay where we are then we have done our duty.

God has set before us a task that is bigger than us. We are to evangelize the world.

Could it be that we have wrong goals for our ministry such as conversions, crowds, church buildings, building a great church, getting your people to be holy and using the gifts that God has given you for His glory

These wrong goals lead to wrong results

Salvation decisions to boast about in the next church questionnaire

Numbers to show in your slide or video presentation

A beautiful empty building that keeps you busy

A ministry that makes you look good but ties you down. You become a pastor just like in the states only in a different country and in a different language

You offend everyone and they leave your church. You develop parasitic people that depend on you to think for them and trust you to guide them.

You can’t go on furlough without getting another missionary to take your place because no national can do it as well as you can

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