Putting the pieces back together:

This past month we had our first ever couples retreat here in Bolivia. It was one of the most special times that we have had with the families in our church. We had the retreat at a hotel and event center outside of the city in a more rural area. It was a very beautiful place with a more rustic or country feel and the food they provided was excellent. It was buffet style and needless to say we ate more than our share. We started on Friday night with supper and then our first class where Pastor Austin Gardner taught about how to recover our lost love. It was a great pleasure and blessing to have him with us to teach on the family. We are very grateful for his time and sacrifice to come and be with us. On Friday we had seven couples, and on Saturday we had nine couples for the classes. In all, we had five classes that had a great impact on our couples. It was great to see them as they left each class holding hands or arm in arm. One lady came to me afterwards and said that she had never been to anything like this before and was very grateful. One of the couples doesn’t attend church but liked it so much that they said they want to be at any event where we are teaching like that. Then on Sunday, we celebrated fathers day and on Sunday night finished up our family conference where we learned how to protect our marriages so they will last for the long run. We had 117 for our morning service and a great group that night. Finally, on Monday we had a small cookout at our house where we invited some of the leaders of the church for lunch. We had a great time of fun and fellowship but most importantly Bro. Gardner challenged them to step up and stand strong to see the church move forward during our time of furlough. We just want to give a special thanks to Bro. Gardner for coming and sharing this time with us, and our church people. Please pray for the couples of the church and the leaders as we prepare to leave.

Special Work:

As many of you know, several years ago we had a special project raising funds to buy a piece of land and build a church building for one of our works. Pastor Lorenzo Laura and his family have been working in the northern jungle town of Cobija pronounced like “Cobiha” for around five years. I was able to fly up to visit them this past month and have a special evangelistic campaign. We started on Thursday with services each night through Sunday. On Saturday we had a special banquet where there were over ninety present. Each night there were people dealt with about their salvation and others dedicating their lives to serve the Lord. One of the greatest blessings was to see the leaders that were being trained and participating in the services. At the beginning they planned the project in phases building half of the building until they needed more space. Well, it looks like that time has come. Each night of the conference, the church was packed and they have no room for classes. If they can build the second part they will have room for about 80 people and two classrooms. Please pray for this need. If you have any questions feel free to write or call.

Last Call:

No just kidding. We did want to send out once more that we will be starting our furlough this June for a year. As the time approaches, things get more and more hectic. We are having regular meetings with the leaders of the church to get them ready for the transition. This is a time of mixed emotions and nervousness not knowing how everyone will respond. We have a confidence though that this is a vital time for the church to learn to operate on it’s own and that the Lord is going to do a special work. We already have a good number of meetings on the calendar so if you would like us to come and give a report of what the Lord has done in the last four years here in Bolivia please let us know as soon as possible. You can contact us buy calling 336-499-2585 or write at kwhite@goreachtheworld.org.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for our upcoming furlough starting in June.
Pray for our upcoming youth conference this month.
Pray for us as we take care of the last details before leaving.
Pray for the families and leaders of the church that God will greatly use them.