I got the following in an email from a very good missionary friend of mine. I won’t reveal his name because I didn’t get his permission and no he doesn’t have a literal tattoo but the point should be well taken for every missionary.

I was watching a special on Vietnam and they were commenting on how the North Vietnamese were able to defeat the Americans. They said that one of the things that made the biggest difference was that the attitude and determination of the North Vietnamese.

They had a tattoo that said “Born in the North to Die in the South”. When they came they were there to fight and win and die doing so if necessary while most of the Americans when they arrived were thinking of nothing but their departure date to return home.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in a war but it just made me think how often do people start serving the Lord thinking only in “when do I get out.” I think we need a spiritual tattoo like that.:)

How many of us are on the field or in the service of the Lord and our thought is not about finishing our race but getting back home to relax. I hope you will seriously consider today what God wants to accomplish in and through your life!