The following quote comes from the book at the end of the article. You can click on the link to see about purchasing it.

I do not believe that our church is like the one mentioned in this article. I do believe we should all read the quote and make sure that our church is the kind that the Lord Jesus would want it to be. Read the quote and consider yourself. How are you serving in your church.

We make church a show that requires the audience to make little or no effort. If someone is willing to come to our service once a week for a little more than an hour and sit passively watching others do the work, then they are considered members in good standing, no matter what the rest of their week is like. One can be totally uncommitted to the Kingdom, distracted by the deceitfulness of riches and the desire for other things, and still be a member of our church, complete with a smiling photo in our church directory.

Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life Happens (Neil Cole)