Trent Cornwell, Joe Gibby, John and Sandy Pearson, Wade and Kathy Williams along with Betty and me have all arrived in Arequipa. We are excited to have the opportunity to take part in the organizational services for Omega Baptist Church on Tuesday night. This will be our second daughter church and that is very exciting.

Vision has several members that live and work here in the city of Arequipa, Chris, Andria, and Jacob Gardner, David and Katie Gardner, Mariangela Simeon, Rebecca Soncco, and David and Stephanie Velke. So with all of us that are here visiting Vision has 17 members in the city. That is pretty wild if you think about it.

The Velkes and Mariangela are here finishing part of their education at the Our Generation Training Center.

It is exciting to see all that God is doing here and to know that He is glorifying His name above everything because He is great.

Pray for Betty as she is quite sick and I am still trying to recover from what ever it is that is ailing my respiratory system and throat.

More updates will follow so stay tuned.

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