Below you will find a list of countries where Vision Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Missions are trying to work to get the gospel to the largest cities of the world. This list is provided by


These are the Largest Cities of the World by metro population.

NOTE: Numbers shown include population within the recognized metro area of the city, and they also include people living in the immediate surrounding area outside of the established border of the city, (the immediate suburbs)

NOTE that some population numbers shown are accumulated at-best estimates, as consistent (2012 census) information is not yet unavailable in some parts of Africa and Asia.

I only want to highlight the cities where we are already trying to work. I will leave the others so that you can see where there is so much need.

I would like you to pray that God will raise up more workers. There will also be a note by each country where we have missionaries working. Please pray with me for the cities, the countries, and the workers that God is sending out.

Tokyo, Japan (37,126,000) Will Hill will be working in Japan.

Jakarta, Indonesia (26,063,000)

Seoul, South Korea (22,547,000)

Delhi, India (22,242,000)

In the city of Delhi we are working with or sending 4 missionary families. Jim Roberts 3, Jim Roberts 4, Eric Elrod, and Samuel Quinn all work to reach this city with the world.

Shanghai, China (20,860,000)

Manila, Philippines (20,767,000)

Karachi, Pakistan (20,711,000)

New York, USA (20,464,000)

Sao Paulo, Brazil (20,186,000)

Mexico City, Mexico (19,463,000)

Cairo, Egypt (17,816,000) God is allowing Vision to support two families in this 11th largest city in the world.

Beijing, China (17,311,000)

Osaka, Japan (17,011,000)

Mumbai (Bombay), India (16,910,000)

Guangzhou, China (16,827,000)

Moscow, Russia (15,512,000)

Los Angeles, USA (14,900,000)

Calcutta, India (14,374,000)

Dhaka, Bangladesh (14,000,000)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (13,639,000) Patrick Henry and his family are preparing to go to the Buenos Aires area of Argentina. Shawn Bateman will also be working in this very needy area of the world. This is the 20th largest city in the world.

Istanbul, Turkey (13,576,000)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (12,043,000)

Shenzhen, China (11,885,000)

Lagos, Nigeria (11,547,000)

Paris, France (10,755,000)

Nagoya, Japan (10,027,000)

Lima, Peru (9,121,600) Chris Gardner, David Gardner and Kyle Shreve are working to reach people in Peru from the ministry in Arequipa.

Chicago, USA (9,121,000)

Kinshasa, Congo (DRC) (9,046,000)

Tianjin, China (8,922,000)

Chennai, India (8,865,000)

Bogota, Colombia (8,702,000) Aaron Vance is working in this great city. Wayne Cooke is working to reach the country of Colombia from another city.

Bengaluru, India (8,670,000)

London, United Kingdom (8,586,000) Travis Snode is working in this 34th largest city in the world.

Taipei, Taiwan (8,338,000) Jake Taube and John Walz are working to reach Taiwan from the second largest city!

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam(8,314,000)

Dongguan, China (8,278,000)

Hyderabad, India (7,903,000)

Chengdu, China (7,895,000)

Lahore, Pakistan (7,743,000)

Johannesburg, South Africa(7,618,000) Kevin Hall, Jeremy Hall, Mark Coffey, Jason King, and Stephen Underwood are working to reach this country with the gospel.

Tehran, Iran (7,419,000)

Essen, Germany (7,304,000)

Bangkok, Thailand (7,151,000) Philip Bassham and Chris Waye families are working to reach the 44th largest city in the world.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong (7,106,000)

Wuhan, China (6,995,000)

Ahmedabad, India (6,482,000)

Chongqung, China (6,321,000)

Baghdad, Iraq (6,204,000)

Hangzhou, China (6,178,000)

Toronto, Canada (6,139,000) dot


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (6,094,000)

Santiago, Chile (6,015,000) God has allowed a team of missionaries to be raised up in the 53rd largest city in the world. Jason Holt, Jason Kenney, Jamie Smithey, and Daniel Sparks are planting churches, training men and trying to make a difference there.

Dallas-Fort Worth, USA (5,874,000)

San Francisco-San Jose, USA (5,864,000)

Quanzhou, China (5,798,000)

Miami, USA (5,582,000)

Shenyang, China (5,553,000)

Belo Horizonte, Brazil (5,523,000)

Philadelphia, USA (5,474,000)

Nanjing, China (5,455,000)

Madrid, Spain (5,427,000) God has placed the David Velazquez family in this 62nd largest city in the world.

Houston, USA (5,383,000)

Xi’an-Xianyang, China (5,253,000)

Milan, Italy (5,232,000)

Luanda, Angola (5,204,000)

Pune, India (5,156,000)

Singapore, Singapore (5,155,000)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (5,037,000)

Khartoum, Sudan (4,887,000)

Saint Petersburg, Russia(4,879,000)

Atlanta, USA (4,715,000) Our church is excited to support Vision Baptist Church Cobb County and Pastor Beau Carpenter. They are in Smyrna, Georgia and God is using them to reach many new souls.

Surat, India (4,687,000)

Washington, D.C., USA (4,679,000)

Bandung, Indonesia (4,674,000)

Surabaya, Indonesia (4,617,000)

Yangoon, Myanmar (4,528,000)

Alexandria, Egypt (4,526,000)

Guadalajara, Mexico (4,524,000)

Harbin, China (4,477,000)

Boston, USA (4,427,000)

Zhengzhou, China (4,379,000)

Qingdao, China (4,378,000)

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (4,368,000)

Barcelona, Spain (4,223,000) Scott Newton works to reach this 85th largest city in the world

Monterrey, Mexico (4,180,000)

Ankara, Turkey (4,172,000)

Suzhou, China (4,159,000)

Phoenix-Mesa, USA (4,076,000)

Salvador, Brazil (4,032,000)

Porto Alegre, Brazil (3,965,000)

Rome, Italy (3,799,000)

Accra, Ghana (3,792,000)

Sydney, Australia (3,785,000)

Recife, Brazil (3,756,000)

Naples, Italy (3,726,000)

Detroit, USA (3,724,000)

Dalian, China (3,717,000) Mark Tolson, Ben JohnsonEd de los Reyes, and Kannon Bloom all are working to reach the 98th largest city in the world.

Fuzhou, China (3,713,000)

Medellin, Colombia (3,686,000)