It is a great honor to be able to greet you en the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and to be able to know what God is doing through your prayes for us.

This month we had the annivesary of Living Water Baptist Church where we are attending. It was a great blessing. Five adults were saved and 25 children recieved Christ as their personal Savior. We rejoice in how God works in people. We ask for your prayers for this these children who are afraid of their Muslim parents.

We also had a great time with all the couples this February 14th. We dined together, watched a movie, and at the end we gave a gift to the wives. Many ladies were very content.

My wife and I have started to work in the children’s ministry and youth ministry as well. For the moment it is difficult for the fact that we don’t speak French well, yet. We start by teaching a Bible verse, songs, and games but I believe that God has his plans in everything.

I’d like to share with you something that is on my wife’s heart: the deaf people. In the month of February we visited five deaf people and two deaf children. I want to ask your prayers that my wife can be a blessing with a deaf ministry by learning the signs as they are different here.

Prayer Requests:

For spiritual growth of the church.
That God would continue helping us with French.
For the Shumaker families coming furlough.
For brother Alfonso’s marriage.
For the leaders of the church.
For the children that recieved Christ who face persecution at home.
For the baptisms that will happen this month of March in Salif’s church in Rongo.

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