Below are two letters from Wilber Hallasi about his daughter and her health condition.  We helped them earlier when it seemed that his wife might die. I will put some links at the bottom of this article. Please read and pray.


Dear brothers

Days before my two children (Pamela and Misael) and my wife showed symptoms of bronchial pneumonia. The three are being treated thanks to God and getting better but my little Pamela got much worse to the point of death. She has a weak heart on top of the bronchial pneumonia. She is in the hospital in Moquegua. Yesterday she got much worse but all of sudden the grace of God strengthen her health and she was stable again. Please pray for her. They are probably going to take her to Arequipa soon to improve her heart. After this it is urgent to have surgery now that her heart pumps a lot of blood to the lungs due to her heart problem. It is very probably that they will operate on her at the Children’s hospital in Lima

Yesterday I asked God why I didn’t get sick instead of my loved ones. God told me that He wants me to learn to love my wife and children more.

Pray for my little girl and provision!

saludos hermanos
dias antes mis dos hijos (pamela y misael)y mi esposa presentaron sintomas de bronconeumonia los tres estan en tratamiento gracias a Dios mejorando pero mi pamelita se puso muy grave al punto de fallecer tiene desconmpensacion cardiaca a parte de la bronconeumonia esta imternada en moquegua en el hospital ayer estuvo muy grave pero de pronto gracias a Dios se restablecio su salud esta estable
oraciones por su recuperacion lo mas probable la deriven a arequipa en estos dias para mejorar su corazon y despues de eso urge una operacion ya que mucha sangre bombea a los pulmones por su problema cardiaco lo mas probable la operen en el hospital del niño en lima
Ayer le dije a Dios y porque siempre yo no me enfermo en vez de mis seres queridos y Dios me dijo quiero que aprendas a amar mas a tu esposa y a tus hijos
oraciones por mi hijta y por su privision

Greetings Brethern

Yesterday my daughter arrived at the Goyeneche Hospital in Arequipa. Today that put tubes in her like my wife. My little daughter is on a mechanical ventilator that breathes for her. The intensive care doctor told us that she might die at any moment because both lungs have been affected and this on top of the problem with her heart (it is enlarged).

We are buying medicines that the hospital doesn’t have in stock. I know that God will meet our needs.

I am confident that God will again be glorified. Pray for my little Pamela. She is in the emergency ward of the Goyeneche Hospital

Only God will be able to get her out of there.

The doctor told us that to get her into the Social Security Hospital that has Intensive Care for Children will cost us 5000 soles. (just under $2000)

Thank you.

saludos hermnaos
ayer mi hija llego a arequipa al hospital goyeneche
hoy la entubaron igual que mi esposa mi hijta esta con ventilador mecanico ya no respira por ella ahora la maquila lo hace
el medico de cuidados intensivos mnos dijo que puede fallacer en cualquier momento porque esta afectado ya sus dos pulmones y ademas de su problema del corazon (esta grande su corazon) estamos comprando medicamentos que no tiene el hospital se que dios no nos hara faltar
confio en que Dios otra vez sera glorificado oren por mi pamelita ella esta en emergencia delhospital goyeneche
solo Dios la puede sacar de ahi
el doctor nos dijo que si quiero trasladarle al seguro en forma particular tenemos que envolsar 5000 soles porque ahi tienen cuidados intensivos para niños


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