All of us want to thank you for your kind words, prayers, emails, phone calls, etc. You have been so kind. There have been many comments. Pastor Wayne Cofield has called and been so super kind.

April Baker came up yesterday and brought a goody basket, gift cards for my parents, bought the family a meal and was super kind.

John and Donna’s pastor has come by for a visit as well as Mom and Dad’s pastor.

Thank you all very much.

Dad is really about the same. I do not see any real improvement. Betty and I will be returning home later today and coming back next week.

The doctor said 7 to 10 days before any real news. Dad cannot move his right side at all. Has only on a very few occasions shown any recognition of something that might have been said. I am not sure how much of that was just hopeful thinking on part of the family.

They have inserted a feeding tube. His blood pressure medicine etc goes in through an IV.

I would ask you to pray for Mom. Saturday was their 56th wedding anniversary. They had a good day. That evening is when things fell apart.

Mom needs God’s grace and strength right now. John and Donna need prayer because living here they carry the biggest load. Vicki is sick and unable to be here.

Again thank you to all of you that have asked. We are so blessed to have friends like you.

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