Betty and I arrived in La Plata, Argentina at approximately 11:45 AM on Tuesday. After a good steak we went to the Bible Institute and both Betty and I taught for 3 hours. Then on Wednesday we had lunch at the Bush house with the Pastoral Staff of the churches.

That night I preached on missions at Lighthouse Baptist Church that is the church Jeff and Mindy started about 6 years ago. There was a great crowd and a great spirit.

Thursday we taught for another 3 hours in the evening to the Bible Institute.

Then on Friday we had the International Banquet for the Mission’s Conference. It was a great time with lots of food from all over!

Today at 11 I will be teaching a couple of times to the Married Couples at the church and then tonight at the Mission’s Conference.

We are having a great time and are very encouraged about what God is doing here.

We are missing Vision something terrible. I do not know how I so messed up my schedule to be gone so many times in a row. I am going to work at never letting this happen again.

I am grateful that we do have such good people that can easily fill the pulpit, however, and do as well or better than I can. That is however no excuse for me being gone so much.

Pray for me please. I am still dealing with the sinus infection. Lord willing, Betty and I will be home on Tuesday morning.