Ausberta de Ocampo was one of the first ladies to attend our first church in Peru in 1988. God has blessed her and her family greatly. 3 pastors came out of her family. Right now she is in need of surgery and her heart might not withstand the operation. Her son, Victor, just asked me to pray for her. I want to ask you to call her name before the throne of grace. She is a great, godly lady.

I, also, want to ask you to pray for Julio Panduro. Julio apparently has a lung tumor that is cancerous. He is in the hospital. He has lost a great deal of weight. Julio was the first Peruvian missionary that I ever met. He came from Iquitos, Peru as a missionary to Arequipa. He was one of my first Peruvian friends. He has pastored and served God in Arequipa and other parts of Peru for years. Will you please pray for him also.