As a missionary or pastor our goal is to train leaders that can train other leaders. The following are some notes to get you to thinking. Feel free to contact me with your opinions in the comment section below.

To train leaders we must first start with the leader

a. The birth, death and resurrection of a dream

God has given you great dreams of planting churches and expanding the kingdom. That is a great dream but you will find that things do not work out like you want. Before God will work it out your dream will be tested greatly. Very likely your dream will die and then God will resurrect it when He is ready to do and you will really give Him the glory. Check out the thoughts below:

i. John 12:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit

ii. Moses—to lead the people Israel out of Egypt—to a sheep shepherd lost in the wilderness—to God’s man to lead the nation of Israel free with signs and great wonders finally at age 80

iii. Joseph—everyone will bow down to him—13 years as a slave and prisoner—second in command to Pharaoh

iv. Abraham—to be the father of many nations—failure on every hand, his servant can’t serve as a son, Ishmael can’t be his son, Isaac is to be sacrificed—father of the Jewish nation

v. Paul—tries to preach in Jerusalem—ends up in the wilderness and Tarsus—Barnabas seeks him out—he writes half of the New Testament

vi. The more He plans to use you the more you have to die

b. Brokenness is necessary

i. For God to use a man that man must experience brokenness. Every man that God uses must come to the end of himself so that God can show His power in the man’s life without that man taking credit for what God does. With God the way up is down. To live is to die. To get is to give.

ii. Jacob the crafty will limp the rest of his life

c. Differing abilities

We must realize that God did not give all of us the same number of talents. We all want to think that we are the latest and greatest. We want to believe that we are the apostle Paul but there are very few like him.

i. Matthew 25:14-30

ii. Some are one talented while others are two and five talented

iii. Matthew 13:8

iv. Some are 30 fold while others are 60 and 100 fold

d. Comparing ourselves among ourselves is not wise, nor are we to judge one another

i. 2 Corinthians 10:12

ii. Romans 14:4-5

e. We should never be satisfied. We are to bring forth fruit, more fruit and much fruit John 15:1-8

f. Be careful to do or have done what you want to teach. You can not lead people to a place you have never been or do what you have never done

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