The world has been evangelized before Colossians 1:5-6, 23, Romans 15:34

The church has all the resources and power that it had before and more so the world can be reached again. I believe He wants to do it again. Habakkuk 1:5, Acts 13:40-41

Breakdown of statistics to show the need of the world

i. Over 7,300,000,000 people in the world today and growing at an alarming rate.

ii. 35% of the world claim some form of Christianity

iii. Maybe 10% max is really saved. Don’t forget that Roman Catholicism is considered a Christian religion. My personal estimates are more like 3 to 5%.

iv. Only 5% of the world lives in the USA but the great majority of our recourses and workers are in the USA. Pastors lament the condition of our country and should but forget that the world is in far worse condition.

v. Over 25% of the world doesn’t even have any real access to the word of God. (Maybe we should consider shortwave radio and mass media)

vi. There are 31,557,600 seconds in a year. That means that to spend one second with everyone in China you would need just under 42 years because there are 1,325,419,200 seconds in 42 years. That is if we could stop the population exactly where it is now with no deaths or births for the next 42 years.

vii. Now take that same statistic and give yourself one hour with each person and you would need approximately 151,200 years if you could work day and night. That is approximately 2160 lifetimes at 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for 70 years.

viii. If we stopped the birth and death rate in China it would take a Pentecost every day for 1,000 years to reach all the people in China for Christ.

ix. India will be the largest country in the world in approximately 5 years so double that and you are still only talking about 2 countries.

x. Though it seems an impossible task there is a way to reach the world. That is through the use of discipleship and the preparation of leaders.

xi. We must get over our prejudice against the media also. If we are to reach the masses we must get to them and quickly. The charismatics have taken over the “world” with the media.