by Keith Shumaker

A coach is only successful when he makes others a success.

A coach can’t win ball games. He must lead others to win.

A coach always takes the blame and rarely gets the credit.

Game time is a reflection of what the coach has taught and instructed behind closed doors.

A coach must create unity. (I have been on teams that should have won lots but didn’t because of a lack of unity.)

A coach must continually develop his players.

A coach will not always be a best friend to his players but he will always be there when they need him.

A coach will have to discipline and be hard at times.

A coach can’t expect perfection but they must not accept less than 100% effort.

A coach should never focus on one or a few players. When the star gets hurt, what will you do?

A coach needs to remember that it is supposed to be fun.

A coach must really know the game. (I had a few coaches when I was younger that I thought were good. I realized while playing in college that they knew very little about the real game of basketball.)

A coach must continue to learn.

A coach must know how to communicate with his players. (I had a coach in college that knew the game very well but he wasn’t a successful communicator. Because of this we struggled.)

A coach must lead by example.

A coach will spend a lot of time with his players. He must make an investment. (Most coaches at the high school level get paid only a little for coaching for the time they spend. They do it because they love it. They go the extra mile. My high school coach figured out that he made 32 cents an hour. Big pay.)