A memoir of the life and labors of the Rev. Adoniram Judson (Francis Wayland)

My mornings are busily employed in giving directions to the servants, providing food for the family, etc. At ten my teacher comes; when, were you present, you might see me in an inner room, at one side of my study table, and my teacher the other, reading Burman, writing, talking, etc.

I have many more interruptions than Mr. Judson, as I have the entire management of the family. This I took on myself for the sake of Mr. Judson’s attending more closely to the study of the language ; yet I have found by a year’s experience that it was the most direct way I could have taken to acquire the language, as I am frequently obliged to talk Burman all day.

I can talk and understand others better than Mr. Judson, though he knows really much more about the nature and construction of the language than I do. This climate is one of the most healthy in the world. There are only two months in the year when it is severely hot.

We doubt not but you pray much for us in this miserable land, deprived of all Christian society. We need much, very much grace, that we may be faithful, and bear a faithful testimony to the religion of Jesus.