The following paragraph comes from an article entitled Morocco: Are Christians at Risk? It is interesting to note what has gotten more results in Morocco. We definitely believe in putting men on the ground. God wants a man on the ground planting churches. God has given us some good men doing just that. Without them there would be no real discipleship and church planting. The church is God’s way to conserve the results and to train men to continue carrying out His plan.

But notice how this blogger claims that most people are “converted!” They hear the gospel from different forms of media. That is our goal.

As a team for years we have had three words as our ministry goals: Men, Media, and Materials! We will continue to do just that. Number one and most important is to put a man on the field. That is why it is first in the list. We want to be training “leaders of leaders!” But we also want to use the media to get the gospel to the lost and then have a contact that is interested in the gospel.

Will you pray for the men on the ground right now? Will you pray that God allow us to get more and more media up to reach souls?

In the main article, it points out that most Moroccans convert to Christianity more as a result of Arabic media and not from foreign missionaries. This jives with my experience: a number of Moroccans I know have had long conversations with Christian missionaries about religion and none have converted. Some defended Islam while smoking hashish just to piss off the Christians, it that gives you an idea of how many Moroccans understand their Islamic identity. This observation about foreign missionaries, of course, undermines the rationale behind the recent expulsions of many foreigners.

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