To fully understand this post be sure and read the two previous posts by our missionary friend who works and lives in a closed Muslim country.

The Freedom Scale 1
Freedom Scale 2

1- Iran, Turkmenistan

a. No religious freedom

b. Discipleship:There are many believers locally known who are greatly persecuted by their government with beatings, imprisonments, and even executions.

c. Evangelism: Proselytism is severely punished.

d. Church Planting: There are many house churches meeting in secret. The movement is often so large the government cannot keep up with them. Foreigners are not tolerated in a “missionary” role even if done in secret and is very difficult as tourism is not an important part of their economy.

e. These countries pride themselves on being 100% Muslim and are trying to stamp out the “Kafar” presence and work.

f. Ministry Opportunities: Ministry in the country may be physically dangerous. Especially singles should consider this risk for the Gospel. Ministering by radio, TV, and Internet is highly effective in these countries. Some ministries are finding success at reaching these people groups outside of their countries. Turkmen and Iranians have accepted Christ in great numbers in Turkey and Germany. Many have gone back to be a witness for Christ in their countries.

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