Seven young Englishmen (C. T. Studd, M. Beauchamp, W. W. Cassels, D. E. Hoste, S. P. Smith, A. T. Podhill-Turner, C. H. Polhill-Turner) who went to China in 1885 as missionaries.

Today is the anniversary of the Cambridge Seven arriving in China to meet Hudson Taylor. They had sailed and traveled for 6 weeks before arriving in China.

These men would go on to make a difference in eternity and also in the hearts of men and women as they would surrender their lives to be missionaries around the world and especially to China.

As I think of them today I wonder where the Alpharetta Seven are? I wonder where the young men and women willing to risk all of their lives to take the gospel to the world are. God has given us some great men and women in the Our Generation Training Center with just that heart.

We have more than seven right now preparing to go, not to China but some where in the world with the gospel. We have the great Vision Baptist Church standing behind them, loving them, training them and sending them out.

I beg God to stir the flames of passion for Him, His Word and His cause of world evangelism. My heart breaks for the Muslim countries who have no hope. They live hopeless lives and die even worse deaths.

My heart breaks for India and China where very little gospel is preached. I pray for Indonesia, the 4th largest country in the world, with very little gospel preaching taking place yet the doors are wide open.

My heart breaks for the vast area of Africa where little or no true gospel preaching exists. Where there are entire language groups with nearly no gospel witness.

Will you go? Will you help me help people go? Will you pray that God will send forth laborers? Will you help me get the message out?

The Cambridge Seven went out and by going not only did they make a difference as missionaries but they raised up an awareness that some said was almost embarrassing for the cause of world evangelism. Will you get involved?

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