Nicolas Mazzella in front of Omega

I was not raised in a Christian home at all.  My parents separated when I was young and my father has always struggled with drugs and alcohol.  In 1996 I married my wife Pamela, and since then God has blessed us with three children: Alice, Ignacia, and Nicolas.  My wife was the first in our family to trust Christ as her Savior.  At the time I was working a high paying job at a wine company.  As my wife grew in the Lord, I continued to chase happiness in drugs, alcohol, and money.  My heart was hard, and I resisted the Lord’s work in me.  Nearly a year after my wife was saved, I accepted Christ as my personal Savior too.  As I began to grow in the Lord, I had the privilege to serve in many ministries of my church.  There God began to put in my heart a desire for the ministry.  Today I serve as the pastor of Omega Baptist Church.

I would like to thank you for the Logos Bible Software you have given me!  It is an extraordinary tool for the ministry.  Without doubt this application will enormously optimize my ability to develop messages.  The books it has, the statistics it shares, the materials it provides are exceptional.  Also this software helps me save time by facilitating my study time.  This resource is ideal for me and my ministry.  Thank you very much for this gift.