There is a great article by James Ray in the BIMI magazine. He talks about his uncle having the opportunity to work with Colonel Sanders before there was a Kentucky Fried Chicken. He talks about his missed opportunity. I would like to challenge you to read the article. Here are a few clips to get you interested:

Some of us are old enough to remember “how it used to be.” Many of the young people of this generation might be puzzled at the mention of days when there was the “ice man” (no refrigerator), when butter had to be churned, when water came from a deep well, when letters were written on a typewriter and when corn had to be taken to a grist mill. They might marvel that there were no televisions and a radio was a luxury. But ask them about computers, text messages, cell phones, GPS’s, mp3 players and they will respond immediately. The technology phenomenon over the past 75 years is staggering. BIMI is in its 49th year with over 1,000 missionaries serving in 89 countries of the world. WE ARE ALIVE IN THE GREATEST POPULATION ARENA OF ALL AGES. There are more people alive today than have ever lived before. Think about the world population.

� During the time of Jesus Christ, 170 million people lived in the world.

� One thousand years later there were 254 million.

� When Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, there were 400 million people.

� In 1800 the count climbed to 813 million.

� In 1950 it had climbed to 2.4 billion.

� Today there are 6.7 billion men, women and children that need to be reached with the Gospel.

There is no time to waste. Read the article. We must not get stuck in time. We must use every available means to get the gospel to the world right now.