I wrote the following on January 14, 2008 and thought it was good to remind me of my purpose again.

I thought that I might share with you some things that God is working in my heart about right now! I just made a trip to Boston and was very excited about the ministry of Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry.

The good thing about these trips for me is that when I am locked in that aluminum tube for so many hours, have no one to talk to, and no distractions I can really do some thinking. It is so easy to get off track!

I came back to the states to start a church to do more for missions than I had ever done before. It had nothing to do with thinking that other pastors weren’t great men or that they weren’t doing a great job! It was that I realized that the most important person and role in world evangelism isn’t the missionary but it is the pastor.

He decides how much to push the cause of world evangelism. He decides how many men and women to train and send off and how many to try and keep with him.

Well starting Vision Baptist Church has been and is great fun. I love it. I am having the time of my life but it is easy to let Vision get in the way of the vision! I know that I have to be a pastor. I know that there is a lot of work to do but sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day that we forget our target, lose our focus, lose our dream, and the vision grows dim!

I am just trying to stay alive. People are pulling on me and they want me to take care of the church, to not get to caught up in world evangelism–they are busy and there is so much to do. God doesn’t seem to grow the church fast enough–do you really need me to tell you more for you to see the problem that quickly comes up!

If you go to Vision News you will see that we are busy–you will even see that God is blessing! That is not the question! The question is am I staying on target?

I came back to train missionaries! Are they getting enough ministry experience? Am I focusing them on the world and what God wants them to do?

It is easy to get off target! It is easy to feel the pressure of the financial, the urgent, those near at hand! I prepare to preach each week! I pray! I talk to people and if I am not careful I will develop tunnel vision! I only see what is happening right where I am!

I get Bunker Mentality! I am just trying to stay alive, pay the bills, keep everyone happy! There is so much more–Wake up Austin! Get on target