Tonight we said a special thank you to several people in our church. People that do a lot of good, hard work. The following is picture of most of the people that do the cleaning ever week. Many have been doing this for several years now. The thanks comes to late and is not enough.


This are some of the people that closed up the last building, opened the new building, moved us in, did the construction, painting, and did so much to get us to where we are today in our new building.


Micah Rastelli has done heroic duty. He has worked many hours into the hundreds.


We prayed for each team and asked God to specially bless them. God did such a good work through each of them,

I, personally, want to thank each of you. You are the greatest. I love you and thank God for everyone of you!

There were 96 people in attendance tonight and I believe that over half were involved heavily in some part of the work.