This afternoon I watched some of the Georgia/ Florida football. I say I watched some of it because our Senior/Lead Pastor reads this blog on occasion and I don’t want to admit I have watched every minute of it! 

I heard a term that I believe I have never heard before. They referred to one of the GA players as a “short yard specialist”. The Bulldogs were at 3rd and 3 and they gave the ball to the “short yard specialist”. They have a couple of guys they normally hand it off to who can average 7-9 yards a run. They have wide receivers that can go farther then that. However, their plan called for 3 yards so they look tho this guy. 

Tomorrow morning at 9:30 am I have the great opportunity of teaching the Word of God to our high school students. I will be teaching from the overflow of what I have been studying in the Bible and starting a series inspired by “In a pit with a Lion on a snowy day”.

There are a couple of students of whom I am praying for their salvation, there a couple I am praying they will step up and take their faith serious, and there are a few I pray will begin to have a hunger for the Word of God. There is something I would love to see happen in all of their lives. There are things I would like to see in my life.

Tomorrow I pray that I am at least a “short yard specialist”. I want to take every student at least 3 yards closer to where God would have them. Then I want them to come a few yards on the morning service, then a few more on Sunday night, then a few more on Thursday. Of course, I would love to see wide spread revival tomorrow among the teens. However, I remember how I gained in my spiritual life and it was 3 yards at a time. That is how I still grow today. I believe if I continue to see them gain then I will still be able to stay in the game and we will get where we need to be.