In this article we find that God is greatly at work and many are turning to Christ. Yesterday we had an article talking about the missionaries being expelled from Morocco. It is easy to get discouraged but the truth is that Satan has to turn the heat up because God is so much at work.

“We have churches that have grown 802%. Many converts have come from Islam with no Christian heritage, no Christian background, no resources whatsoever, no training. But they just believe in God and His Word.”

These churches aren’t stagnant, either, says Jacob. “I know of many, many churches today who baptize about 120 to 150 every year. I have never been to a church in the west or anywhere in the world where the church is already packed 2 1/2 hours before the meeting.” That’s happening in Algeria.

There is now a need for people to train the new Christians.

God is at work. You need never worry. God will move and God will save. Right now we are praying that God will raise up workers to take the gospel to the world. The Muslim world is in need of missionaries right now that will teach and preach the Word of God.

Please ask God to send out more workers.

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