Tonight I tried something new. Definitely something that wasn’t new to Christianity or new to preachers, just new to me.Tonight instead of trying to making sure my exciting, entertaining youth program had an adequate amount of Bible so I knew I wasn’t wasting my time or theirs. I tried my very best to show them how exciting the Bible is. I taught Galatians 1:1-10.

I decided that I do not need to “create excitement”. I simply need to “reveal the excitement” that is in the Word of God. Tonight my neighbor accepted Christ! If I would have chosen a subject of my choosing I would have not covered the content I did tonight. Hayden was in spiritual need of hearing that people may have thought that salvation was in Jesus Christ alone but it is true!

I had the opportunity to teach in the Our Generation Training Center today. We studied different missionary methods of the last 500 years. I told them to notice the mentality of the missionary when they went to the country. Some went as God’s avengers, some went as if they were going to become the mayor, and some went without a plan for growth. I encouraged them to walk into their country as a Bible teacher and see the amazing things that happen when we allow the Bible to have a ministry not us.Tonight, I walked in to the youth room not as their buddy, a funny guy, someone with some helpful advice, and not even as a good leader. I went in as a Bible teacher and open the Word and taught. Tonight my ministry was minimized and the Bible did much better then I could ever do.