Vision Baptist hosted the Georgia Independent Baptist Preacher’s Fellowship yesterday.

Pastor Glenn Anderson from Liberty Baptist Tabernacle in Stockbridge, Georgia preached first. It was a great message about how we as men of God need the touch of God on our lives.

Pastor Derik Lawrence from Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, Georgia preached second. It was also a great message. He preached about how we should act and be like the good Samaritan and go and do like wise showing compassion to people.

The Vision Singers did a wonderful job on the music for the pastor’s fellowship. I was so very proud of them.

Then we worked on plans for the new building and all that God would do in and through us there.

Then David Velke, Ronald Tubillas, Wayne Cooke and I headed out to Douglasville where I was to preach at 8:40 pm in their chapel service. John Pearson and I had gone down on Monday evening for the same thing.

On Monday I preached on Jonathan and Doing Something Great for God and then last night I preached Looking unto Jesus.

On the way Monday it was our intention to go by and see Ethan Howeth in the hospital but we missed the exit. So the guys and I went by last night.

When we arrived Stacey came out to tell us we couldn’t see Ethan. He was in too much pain. They were removing the bandages and some other materials from one of the skin grafts. It was horribly painful and ugly. Our buddy Ethan was having a horrible night.

Please pray for Ethan and the Howeth family. This is a very trying time for them. Please do not forget them. They are literally living hard right now.

I was preaching at the Bible Institute for Pastor Mario Arjona at Sublime Grace Baptist Church. They are being greatly used of God and I greatly enjoyed my time with them. They have a great group of young men and women preparing to serve God. I hope you will pray for them.

I am leaving in just a few minutes to go and be with Pastor Brian Rhodes from Lakeland Baptist Church in Buford, Georgia just before he goes into surgery. Please pray for him.