Since it is God’s Book, written by Him, for His purposes I must approach it as such

  1. It can not be my goal to find something new to impress those that listen.
    1. Some have to find some new thing that no one has ever seen
    2. They dig into the Scripture and make comparisons that can in no way be shown from the Bible
    3. If it has never been seen before it probably means it is not there
    4. This makes them look like great men of God
    5. Our goal should be to be a mouth piece for the Word of God
    6. At the end of the message God should look big because the people have seen what God had to say
    7. The Scriptures should seem great, God inspired, beautiful not how smart or articulate the preacher is
  2. I can not be preaching my opinions, my culture, what I feel like my church people need to do or change
  3. The old concern I had was thinking of myself as the doctor given prescription preaching to sick people
    1. Dealing with issues that I saw or heard in counseling
    2. Becoming reactive instead of proactive
    3. This view lifted me up and my ability to meet the needs of my people
    4. The other view would be that if I just preach the Word of God the people will get a proper diet
    5. This diet will help them overcome much of what they might need medicine for
  4. I often missed God’s intended purpose for a passage because I came to the text with a preconceived notion
  5. I unintentionally made commandments out of things that God didn’t give as commandments but I was sure would help the people and their families in my opinion