Today’s reading I Chronicles 24-26

I Chronicles 29:19 And give unto Solomon my son a perfect heart, to keep thy commandments, thy testimonies, and thy statutes, and to do all these things, and to build the palace, for the which I have made provision.

David prepared the work for the one that would follow him. It was his son but still many men will not let go of leadership. They will not prepare for others. They look and think only of themselves and their ministry. If something bad is going to happen their only concern is that it happen to the next generation.

David had prepared by great sacrificial giving. His goal was not his name or reputation but that the work of God would go forward. It was in his heart to build the temple that would be called Solomon’s temple.

Now he is praying that God will give the ones that follow him the wisdom to do the ministry well.

He asks God to give his son a perfect heart- not a divided heart. He wants God to make his son love God and only God.

He wants God to cause his son to love God’s Word and the things of God.

He wants Solomon to be successful in the ministry he is about to inherit.

David is setting him up to succeed.

How are we preparing the ministry for the future? How many are we preparing to do more? How are we trying to insure that the kingdom is extended and the ministry succeeds?