Travis and Teri Snode are doing a great job here in Northern Ireland. They are pastoring two churches about 30 minutes apart. God is giving them souls saved, people being discipled and the work is progressing. I know because I have been here on several occasions and have been allowed to see the growth.

I would like to ask you consider supporting them if you do not already do so. They have good support for a missionary doing the regular work but due to pastoring two churches their expenses are increased. They make it each month but just barely. As soon as Vision can do so we will increase their support. They need it and are certainly worthy of it.

Right now they literally do not have heat in their house or car and have to get early support each month to pay the rent on their church building in Londonderry. They hope to get a smaller place and we have worked on ways to be more efficient but the need is still very real.

I challenge you to come and visit them and see first hand the great need. If we do not do something to get Bible preaching, Bible teaching and Bible believing churches going here in Northern Ireland we will lose another country. England is already in dire straits. Please do something to reach this country.

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