I got a note from Pastor Rick Groover asking us to pray for him and Celebration Baptist Church.

Rick Groover Brother Gardner, Please have your folks pray for us as we have the opportunity to get in our first real building. The bank has approved us but we have to raise the $90,000 down payment in the next two weeks. We’re trusting Him who owns it all to come through just like He always has. Thanks and God bless you and the work there.

Brother Groover is a wonderful man that really loves the Lord Jesus. He is very involved in world evangelism and God is greatly using him.

I want to ask all of you to be praying for him and this great need. You can learn more about them and the church by clicking on the link above or here.

The following is from his blog so you can know a little more about his heart!

What a God!
February 12, 2010

I’ve spent the last few days being amazed again by Jesus! Just when you think you’ve seen crazy things, Jesus will one-up Himself and do something even more crazy! Here’s just a little piece of how the Lord is working in us getting a new building for the ministry.

1. We Didn’t Start This Rodeo!

One of the amazing things to me about the ministry here is we didn’t decide to start it. It was and is a total “God thing.” Out of nowhere God invaded our lives and said two things – One – “I want you to start this ministry.” And two – “This is for My glory!” Since February 27th of 2005 God has been changing lives and building disciples. If you have any idea that miracles don’t happen any more then you need to come up for a visit. Somebody greater than us started this thing AND IT IS AWESOME!

2. We Don’t Know What We’re Doing!

When we first started I thought I had a little bit of an idea of what I was doing. (Yes, God had prepared us but as long as you think YOU CAN DO IT it’s not going anywhere!) Now, God has finally got us in the place where we seek Him on every decision and He is leading in different and amazing ways. As soon as we started doing it His way IT TOOK OFF! What are we gonna do next? I have no idea! But Jesus knows AND WE ARE FOLLOWING HIM!

3. We Don’t Have Any Way Of Financing What Is Happening! BUT HE DOES!

This makes me laugh more than anything else. We have nothing! Really! If you were to visit here you would take one look at our small rented building and what little we have and not think much about it UNTIL…UNTIL YOU SAW THE CHANGED LIVES EVERYWHERE. Here’s the deal though – most of our people are young, or ex-addicts, or ex-homeless, or just others struggling to get by. If you look at what we have there’s nothing to it! BUT – OUR GOD IS BIGGGGGG! AND HE IS ALL WE NEED!!!!! AND HE IS ROCKING OUR CITY!!!

Please pray for us as a building we didn’t ask for that we couldn’t have imagined that we don’t deserve and that we don’t have what it takes to get HAS DROPPED IN OUR LAPS AND JESUS IS MOVING!

If we can see the lives changed that we have while trying to work out of a hole in the wall IMAGINE WHAT GOD CAN DO IF WE ACTUALLY HAVE A DECENT PLACE TO MINISTER OUT OF.

Our music is AMAZING! The messages and things our people do are OVER THE TOP, but even with all of that said – IT’S ALL GOD! Nobody ever leaves our services talking about the singers, musicians, or speakers. Everybody leaves every week saying, WHAT A GOD!



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