I got an email from Tracey Paver asking me to pray for John and Selina Allen. They are the parents of Matt Allen, missionary to Papua New Guinea. Please pray for them.

HI Tracy,

We got out of the bush on Wed. and on Sat we are traveling to Port Moresby. John broke a tooth and we are headed to Port Moresby (the only recommended dentist in the country) On Wed we return to Lae and do our supply run. Dec 4th Matt and family will show up and two days later we plan to head back to the bush.

It was of the Lord that we came out early. I have gotten a resistant strain of falciparium (the brain kind) malaria and didn’t have the medicine in the bush. So, after getting the lab results, we drove by the pharmacy here in Lae and just bought it. I love this country J really. Such a good thing that we are going to Moresby on Sat, instead of tomorrow so I can rest. Number 4 time for me, Johns had malaria 6 times, plus typhoid twice. Kinda brings home the need to pray for the missionaries health.

Hopefully we can correspond some while we are out.