Fred Kindhart from Macedonia World Baptist Mission sent this letter asking prayer for Mrs. Connie Anderson. She is widowed from a wonderful Missionary Terry Anderson. Brother Anderson died on the field in Haiti.

Please pray for Haiti and the situation there due to the earthquake. Heard from missionary Wesley Hutchens in Jamaica who said this are pretty bad with quite a lot of damage in Haiti and Cuba is expecting a possible Tsunami from it. Jamaica has not been affected, he just updated us from there.

We haven’t heard from Sis. Connie Anderson there in Haiti yet but will update you when we do. It is often hard for her to communicate with the outside world from where she is at. Just keep her and the children there in your prayers.

This is from a Facebook status update:

From Andrea Shihady: Please pray for Mrs. Connie Anderson, missionary to Haiti. No calls can go through right now. Pastor will contact the mission board in the morning. Mrs. Shihady spoke with her around 3:00p.m. (before the earthquake) Connie said she was planning to stay in the mission house in Port au Prince tonight. That’s all we know right now. Continue to pray for her safety.

Please pray for this dear missionary.


The following is from the NY Daily News

Another major tragedy hit star-crossed Haiti Tuesday when a massive earthquake smashed the capital, knocking down hospitals, high-rises, ministries, churches and part of the presidential palace.

Hundreds – maybe thousands – of dead and wounded people were believed buried under rubble.

“It’s going to be a major catastrophe when we start to count the dead,” said Haitian Ambassador Raymond Joseph.

Haitipal TV reported many of the downtown buildings had collapsed, including the parliament. The presidential palace was badly damaged, Joseph said.

He said he was told President René Préval was not hurt.

In the center of town, more buildings were down than standing, witnesses said.

“People were screaming ‘Jesus, Jesus’ and running in all directions,” said Reuters reporter Joseph Guyler Delva. “It’s total chaos.”

A five-story apartment building was also said to have fallen down, with much loss of life.

The magnitude 7.3 quake hit near the capital Port-au-Prince, home to 2 million people, at 4:53 p.m.

Two powerful aftershocks measuring 5.9 and 5.5 on the Richter scale soon followed, further damaging structures weakened by the initial quake.

Haiti has been struggling to recover from a string of hurricanes that devastated the island in 2008, destroying the island’s infrastructure and killing hundreds.

President Obama said the United States stood ready to help with the latest crisis.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by this earthquake,” he said.

The Red Cross pledged an initial $200,000 in aid. “We do have staff on the ground – we have not been able to reach them,” said Red Cross spokesman Abbi Weaver.

Witnesses said the streets of the capital were full of panicked people, and screams were coming from under the piles of rubble seen everywhere.

People were clawing at the rubble with their bare hands, trying to save loved ones, witnesses said.

Power was out, radio was off-line and phone service was down. Haitians in New York City frantically trying to contact relatives back home were having little luck getting through.

There were reports the airport in Port-au-Prince was badly hit, which could hamper efforts to fly in aid.

Emergency meetings were being held at the State Department, which was having trouble contacting the Haitian government.

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