I got the following letter from Pastor Rick Groover from Celebration Baptist Church.

Hey Bro Gardner,

Hope you’re doing well and I’m pumped about what God is doing down in your area! May we continue to see His glory together!

I’ve attached a copy of the prayer letter I just sent out about our “miracle building.” Man – it is perfect for us. We currently are in a little hole in the wall and God has been saving people like crazy. Last Sunday we covered the whole front of the building with people that have been saved in the last 2 weeks! It was awesome! Of that group the testimonies were incredible about how they were controlled by hate and now hate no more! Some were on drugs, etc and now they’re addicted to Jesus. One lady had been a prostitute. Last night she was on the front row of a Ladies Bible study at our house. THIS IS CRAZY GOOD!

Please help us pray. We have eight days to go and I am calling and writing everyone I know. My wife and I have sold everything we have to get to this point. We have nothing left. That probably means we’re in good shape now cause IT HAS TO BE HIM!

Thanks for your prayers, love and support. God has used you in my life and therefore in all the other lives I am discipling. I pray for us as the Bible says about Samson, may we see more in our last days than we’ve ever seen in our whole lives.

God bless!

Bro Rick Groover

The facility includes a church building and a large school with offices, dining hall, large kitchen, dorm space, plenty of parking, etc. It is exactly what we need to push forward to reach more of the addicted and hurting who need Jesus. The building has been totally renovated and needs nothing! It’s mission ready!

Dear friends,

As you who have followed us know, we really didn’t start out intending to have such a large outreach to the addicted, homeless, and broken. But then again, it’s not our ministry. It’s His! And while we may not have started out with that intent God has definitely led and gifted us to move in that direction. Lives are being changed and the addicted are being saved and raised up to life again. Mommas are getting their daughters back and men are becoming productive again in society. Those that most people might call “throwaways” are now leading ministries to go back into the city and pull others out of the fire. When I watch a little girl come into church and sit with her mom who used to be on drugs I know it’s worth it! When I watch a teenage boy who doesn’t even know the Lord come and give a tear filled testimony in church about how God has changed his daddy’s life – I KNOW IT’S WORTH IT!

Friends, together we’ve done it! It’s been all of us praying, giving, and helping that have carried the work this far. And now – God has opened a great door for us that is a miracle in this area, a complete ministry facility for less than what a couple of acres of dirt would cost. The facility is only $350,000. We are approved for the loan if we can raise the down payment and closing cost of $90,000. Your gift of $100, $500, $1,000 or more will help us to get this done. IT’S TOO BIG TO MISS!

I feel like David looking at Goliath. When I look at Goliath I say, “He’s too big to defeat.” BUT WHEN I LOOK AT MY GOD I SAY, “HE’S TOO BIG TO MISS!” Well glory!!!!

Friends, this opportunity is TOO BIG TO MISS! We’re praying God will put us in this building! Please pray for us and if you can help us or know someone who can, please direct any gifts to CBC Missions marked “Mission Hope.” God promised us if we would take those nobody wanted He would send us those everybody was after. Some of you are God’s hands to get this done. IT’S TOO BIG TO MISS! Together, with the hand of God, we can get this done for His glory!

Thanks for your continued love, prayers, and support! We’re praying for a miracle!

Missionaries Rick and Tracy Groover
CBC Missions
PO Box 1445
West Chester, OH 45071-1445
(513) 256-0317