I am experiencing the “post message depression”. I had the great opportunity to speak to the Alpharetta High School football team. I was excited about the opportunity and went in fired up. I had the chance to talk with the coach and students before the FCA chapel. I followed my mental road map, hit my main point, made them laugh, and stayed with inside my time. However, I feel like I did did not allow God to have His way. I acted like it was a great opportunity for me and did not realize it was an opportunity created by Him for Him

“post message depression” comes from a few things in my life, such as:

1. I still want the tingling rush I felt the first time I preached. (I know the Spirit still desires to work, but the feelings I used to fell was more an adrenaline rush then anything)

2. I was more worried about my image in front of the team then how I represented the King. (I spent more time on my personal intro then I did on the invitation to Him)

3. I did not expect or ask God to do something big. (I did not expect He would save men and he didn’t)

4. My biggest hope was that this opportunity would lead to another. (causing me to not appreciate the opportunity I had now)

Well, I may have been too honest in this post. I will go from 5 readers to 3. jk As I said this blog is for me to record the lessons I am learning and sometimes they stink.