taken from Matt’s blog

Dad just called me and said they had a tornado come through Kotidanga about an hour ago. It is dark outside, so they can’t see very well, but with the lightning flashes, they can tell that the medical clinic is gone. Mom and Dad’s back porch got ripped off, and their roof is “pouring” water into the house. Dad has not been able to get to my house yet, but he said the HF radio antenna on my roof is “snapped in half.”

They are very worried about the local people as the locals live in grass houses. Please pray for the weather to calm down in our area.

The good news: Pastor James has gotten a big in-road with a very influential man in the next valley over in the last few weeks, and the man asked him to come back tomorrow and talk to his dad and brothers about the Gospel. Please pray that God’s grace will outweigh emotionally the attacks from Satan.

Thanks, Matt

P.S. Dad will call me in the morning with a better report.