28 Colombian Christians detained for refusing to denounce their faith

This article talks about what is happening in a part of Colombia that is still very indigenous or tribal. The local governors have the authority to govern in their region. Christians are being told to denounce their faith or go to jail.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide says at last report, two of the kidnapped infants were seriously ill. The governor and his allies also humiliated non-Christian leaders who had supported the Christians in the community and protected them from being expelled.

“There’s over 100 individuals that consider themselves Christians and would be affected. If this governor continues to imprison men, women and children, as he has done, you could be looking at up to 100 people in prison for their faith.”

So far the Colombian government has done nothing to stop this horrible situation. As you sit in a warm, comfortable home for Christmas I hope you will think of the Christians that are suffering for their faith around the world.