Here is the weather forecast for where we are. It has been basically like this every day right now:

Local weather forecast Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Showers / Clear 48°F Feels like: 41°F Humidity: 87% Wind: 19 mph SW
Sunrise: 07:42 Sunset: 16:42

Notice that is 9 hours of day light. Their shortest day they will only have 7 hours and 15 minutes of daylight. Their longest day will be 17 hours and 16 minutes long.

Today High: 49° Low: 41° Showers / Clear Mostly Cloudy

It feels a lot cooler than it is. It has been constantly raining. It feels damp even in the house. The Snode’s heating system is torn up and will cost $1500 to fix so just add another layer of clothes. It really isn’t that bad in the house but outside can be quite uncomfortable.

Their car also doesn’t have heat, so Chris and I go from cold to colder back to cold.

Oh for the comforts of home!

Yesterday we had the privilege of eating lunch with a 67 year old pastor. It was interesting to learn more and more about the country and the culture.

This is a needy area of the world. The truth is that they have churches every where but are rapidly on their way to becoming like England where they have become a very secular country. England is in desperate need of good Bible preaching churches. Northern Ireland is already on the down hill slide towards England. The Snodes are here wanting to make a difference before it is too late.

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