Let it be said with all human emphasis and divine authority that world missions has become a possibility and necessity, and it will remain a reality so long as God has a people in this world who partake of His nature, know His purpose, walk in His will, and obey His Holy Spirit. Missions is not a human invention, a human institution, a human enterprise made up of loving but simplistic individuals, or volunteers of compassionate or sanctimonious people who cannot minister effectively in their homeland. Missions is made up of people who partake of the nature of God, enter fullest into the purpose of God and become colaborers in the plan and Will of God. God is foremost the subject of Christian missions. Missions is “Missio Dei.” Where God is most prominent, missions is most obvious and intense.

Roy B. Zuck, ed., Vital Missions Issues: Examining Challenges and Changes in World Evangelism (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Resources, 1998), 12.