I am excited that you get to meet Dean and Karen Hamby again. He served as a missionary in the Ivory Coast, West Africa before I met them. Here are some pictures so you can know a bit about him. The following is a picture back from their days in Africa.



While Betty and I were living in Arequipa we had a program for training young missionary students. Dean would come and teach the students. He was serving as the Assistant Director of Macedonia World Baptist Missions. I met him in 1986 after they returned from planting churches in Africa to help lead the mission. He was my friend and mentor in so many ways.

Teaching students in PeruHe is known for play acting at least one message. I believe he is called Jerkymiah but not really sure. I can promise you that he will be a blessing as our preacher this week for our mission’s conference.



Another picture from back in the day when he was serving in the Ivory Coast.


He returns later to spend time with his son who was serving as a missionary in the Ivory Coast by then. The work God used the Hambys to start is still going today. 4493_84457268861_1525214_nDean and Karen are two of my favorite people. They have served God in the good times and the bad. God has blessed them and used them to bless many people all over the world. I hope you will enjoy your time with them this week!