I got up this morning to read the following on a fox news alert:

Massive 8.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Concepcion, Chile, shaking buildings and causing blackouts

I was immediately concerned for our missionaries, members of our church, Jason and Lori Holt. Then I noticed that Chris Gardner had posted this on his blog:

Please be praying for the Holt family. Chile just experienced an 8.8 earthquake. I just read on facebook that everyone is ok at the Holt household but they have to wait till they can see how much damage was done. Pray for the country of Chile during this time. The phone lines are down and there is no electricity. Keep everyone in your prayers during this time. We will let you know as soon as we know anything else.

Then I saw a post on facebook by Jason’s mom:

Barbara Howard Holt Jason just called me to tell me that there was a 8.5 Earthquake in Chile. He said it lasted for about 2 minutes and that he is feeling tremors. He has talked the Kenney’s and McBrayers and they are all okay. The phones are done but he has a cell phone he bought for emergencies and that is what he called me from.

Barbara Howard Holt Please pray for them. I will let you know as soon as I talk to him again. He will try to call me as soon as it gets light and he can see how much damage there is.

Here is a link to more information

Please pray for all the missionaries and the many believers there.