Wedged between the word “disciple” in Luke 14:27 and verse 33, Jesus placed three very interesting lessons.  One about a tower, the second about an army and the third about salt.  I want to consider some thoughts regarding the first example of building a tower.

The word “disciple” has fallen into disuse today except in some circles.  It is a wonderful title with great meaning.  This title appears over 230 times in the New Testament whereas “christian” appears only 3 times.  Yet today we hear the title “christian” used far more.  Could this be because the word “disciple” has a meaning and requirements that many would rather not bear?

Jesus in the context of his teaching about being a disciple clearly uses this idea of building a tower to teach an important lesson.  He mentions sitting down, which has the idea of having a deliberate plan for what you are about to do.  If a pastor or missionary does not have a plan for discipleship it is doubtful that a church will ever be established.  If a church does not have some system to build disciples the meetings that it conducts will seem to be just a series of meetings to those who are attending.  Since we are commissioned by Christ to “make disciples” this should be our priority.

Jesus also mentions counting the cost.  I am convinced that much of the ridicule that Christianity and churches receive today is because of the unfinished work of discipleship on our part.  “… all behold it and begin to mock…”  We have spent decades building respectable buildings and ministries but we have failed miserably to build disciples.

Many have been admirable in their soul winning efforts and have brought people to a faith in Christ.  They have “laid the foundation” but that is where their building stops.  The poor testimonies that are the result of these “unfinished” disciples have resulted in the growth of heresy, cults and many tragedies within the ranks of Christendom.

Let’s make disciples!