1655872_266420856858688_143325591_nMy name is Francisco Barra, and my testimony is somewhat unusual. I received Christ as my Savior at the age of 8 in August, 2000.  In the years that followed, my life did not reflect a change nor did I have a good testimony.  No one expected anything good from me.  In those conditions, I attended Faith Baptist Church for the first time in 2005.  I continued sporadically attending the church for several years until God powerfully lead me to surrender my life to Him at a youth camp in 2009.  In that same year, I began to serve in children’s church in my local church.  In 2010 I entered the university, but even there, the desire to serve God continued to grew.  It grew to such a point that I left the university to study full-time. This year I have had the privilege to lead a new church plant in a neighboring community.

I want to thank you for your goodness and generosity.  For me it is a privilege and honor to be considered to receive this enormous blessing.  There are not words to express my gratefulness in this moment.  I want to thank you very much.  I hope, God willing, to use this resource to continue growing in the service of our Lord and our church.  Thank you again.