This letter is from Scott Newton. He is a good man and worthy of your help.

Dear friends,

My name is Scott Newton, and my wife Melissa and I are currently training to serve the Lord as missionaries to the Catalonia region of eastern Spain.

We have been training for the field after completing Bible college at Vision Baptist Church, under the ministry and guidance of pastor and veteran missionary Austin Gardner.

While serving the Lord at Vision, we have been involved in many different ministries as a part of our training, such as teaching and growing a Sunday School class, personal evangelism, directing a chapter of Reformers Unanimous, starting a Friday night home discipleship class and Bible Study, developing and leading a choir, assisting in satellite church planting, developing and leading a music program, writing and directing evangelistic dramas, and teaching Bible Institute classes.

We are very excited to be beginning a new stage in our lives as we prepare for beginning deputation in the near future, and we are planning on spending 5 days in the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Valencia this coming March. We will be taking this survey trip with our pastor in order to better aquaint ourselves with the area and the people, the national pastors and missionaries, and to organize a missions strategy.

We ask that you would pray for us and for the people of Spain. The Southwestern triangle of Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy) is desperately in need of a vibrant Gospel preaching missions movement, and is often overlooked in modern missions. It is an area that is increasingly secular, cold, and indifferent to God, but we are confident of several things:

1. We serve an amazingly powerful God!

2. His plan is for the name of Christ to be high, lifted up, and famous in SW Europe!

3. He wants us to be a part of His plan in this area.

I want to ask for your help in this. We need God’s people to be praying and burdened for His hand to be on His men. We need people who will pray and ask God if He would have them to train and go as missionaries, and be obedient to whatever He would want for their lives. We need churches and people who will commit to giving financially to allow us to go.

We currently need to raise $3500 for this survey trip, which will cover expenses for 4 people. We would be more than willing to come and present our burden and hopefully be a blessing and encouragement to your church now or when we begin deputation in the coming year. If you are interested in investing in our trip, you can send a check payable to Vision Baptist Missions earmarked for Newton’s Survey Trip to Vision Baptist Church, P.O. Box 442, Alpharetta, GA 30009, or visit to contribute online.

Scott Newton