I received the following email from a Macedonia missionary about Mrs. Connie Anderson. The letter is from Dean Hamby, the Assistant Director of Macedonia. I am gathering all the news that I can about Mrs. Connie Anderson and also what God is doing in Haiti.

We just received a call from Connie Anderson. She is doing fine. She is able to stay at a CSI guest house in Port-au-Prince. She has some food and water. She cannot get back up the mountain to her home. The children and the Haitian lady that helps her are all ok and the house is ok. She doesn’t know when she can get back up the mountain. The town down below at the foot of the mountain was destroyed but as far as we know the pastors and families are all ok.

She will probably have to go by horse or mule when she does go. The mountain that connects to the mountain she lives on, is not passable.

She asked that everyone to please pray and had tears when she said it. It is a devastating situation.
We have a set up a fund to help once she is able to get it. It is:
“Haiti Disaster Relief Fund” through Macedonia.

Thanks for your prayers and concern.

Bro. Dean